Ayurveda: A great boon for mankind

AYURVEDA— Means knowledge of life and longevity

Balance is emphasized and suppressing natural urges is considered unhealthy and claimed to lead to illness. Example- Suppressing sneezing give rise to shoulder pain.

Emphasis is placed on moderation of food intake, sleep, and pleasure…

For thousands of years, the practice of Ayurveda has been employed to cleanse contaminants, heal the sick, and return harmony. Ayurveda translated, means “science of life” in Sanskrit, and its doctrine and wisdom have been passed down through many generations.

Ayurveda is undoubtedly the premier approach to the natural, holistic healing of the mind and body.

As explained in legend, the basis of Ayurveda comes from Brahma. The originator gave this therapeutic information to Prajapati Daksha, who then shared it with Dhanwantri, who ultimately continued to share the information with humans. At Present, ages later, people still sustain knowledge of Ayurveda and its uses while continuing to share that wisdom with one another.

Ayurveda establishes that all of its existence, including all beings incorporated inside of it, is made up of the five primary elements: fire, water, earth, air, and space. The five elements are trusted to maintain internal balance, and so if an equilibrium is upset, discord follows.

When individuals become unbalanced, they can become unhealthy, sad, and, depressed. This is why it is critical that the elements within human bodies must remain suitably balanced in order for humans to experience solid, healthy lives. If the balance is left untreated, it will not be mended and ultimately, an illness can evolve as a result.

To be certain that all of these elements stay harmoniously, Ayurvedic teaching explains the relevance of taking in nutritional foods. In accordance with Ayurveda, healthy foods should include beans, grains, fenugreek sprouts, Triphala (also referred to as the three fruits), and more. Nevertheless, Ayurvedic nutrition plans fluctuate because no two individuals are the same. Before trying an Ayurvedic eating plan, it is a good idea to first ask for counseling from an Ayurvedic practitioner.

The elements are broken down in different manners within each person. This is in the structure of doshas. There are three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Vata is a mix of air and space, Pitta, a blend of fire and water, and Kapha, a combination of earth and water. Any malady that a human being suffers is due to an insufficiency of the balance of the three doshas and their individual components.

Skilled ayurvedic specialists at Vadira Ayuromedic are able to establish which foods each person should ingest in order to return or maintain that balance. There are Ayurvedic resorts and spas all over the world. Anyone in need of assistance is welcome to visit. Ayurvedic specialists will construct a healing plan unique for each person. This will aid in restoring the missing balance within each client.


History of Ayurveda:-

Ayurveda has its influence even in foreign countries ( countries outside India ) as Ayurvedic therapies, in general applications, and in medical use.

Sushruta, a  renowned Doctor in ancient times wrote that Dhanvantri, GOD OF AYURVEDA incarnated himself as king of Varanasi, and taught medicine and procedures to a group of physicians, including Sushutra himself.

Concept of Ayurveda have existed from the time of Indus Valley Civilization or even earlier.

Over the years Ayurvedic therapies have evolved and grown up as the time passed …

Ayurveda developed significantly during the Vedic period and later some non-Vedic system such as Buddhism and Jainism also developed medical concepts and practices that appear in classical Ayurveda texts!

Ayurvedic therapies are based on complex herbal compounds, minerals, and metal substances AND Extracts.

Ancient Ayurveda text also taught surgical techniques, including kidney stone extractions, stitches and extraction of foreign objects.

Ayurvedic medicines are considered Psuedoscientific — Both scientific and factual!

Nagarjuna is known for his doctrine of “ Madhyamaka” i.e the middle path ..

He wrote “A hundred Prescriptions “ and “ The precious collections “

Ayurveda has historically been divided into 5 bodily components known as Panchamahabhuta:-







There are also 20 Gunas i.e Quality and characteristics which are considered to be inherent in all matter.

Ayurveda can be considered as a subsidiary of VEDA  that is Upaveda …

Ama is a Sanskrit word meaning  Undigested or uncooked.

It means anything that exists in the state of incomplete transformation…

It is claimed to be a toxic byproduct generated by improper or incomplete digestion.


Dosh Theory in Ayurveda:-


DOSHA/DOSH— One of the three substances that are present in a person’s body according to Ayurveda…

“ Three Dosh Theory “  is known as  “Tridosa”—“Upadesh”  in Sanskrit!

Ayurveda also names three elemental bodily Doshas ( Vata, Pitta, Kapha ) and states that the balance of doshas results in health, while imbalance results in diseases.

Each human possesses a Unique combination of Doshas which define a person’s temperament and characteristics.

Each person modulates their behavior or environment to increase or decrease the Doshas and maintain their natural state.


Medicine Ayurveda:-

Medicine in Ayurveda is divided into eight components  ( Anga ).

These characteristics that medicines have 8 components are first found in Sanskrit epic Mahabharata ( 4th CE BC ).

Components are:-

Kayacikista—Medicine of Body

Kaumara – Bhartya ——- Treatment of Children / Paediatrics

Salya Tantra—-Surgical techniques of extraction of foreign objects

Salakyatantra—-Treatment of ailments affecting ears, eyes, nose, mouth

Bhutavidya—Purification of possessing spirits


Rasayantantra—– Rejuvenation and tonics for life span, intellect, and strength

Vajkaranatantra—Aphrodisiacs and increasing pleasure and power.


Ayurveda – Six Stages of Illness and How to Treat Them

We have been taught many things by Ayurveda. This provides us with insights into the primary causes of becoming ill, depression, etc. While we may feel that our understanding of contemporary medicine is brilliant, we still manage to suffer from sicknesses, just as we have throughout history.

As an addition, many modern medicines result in side effects or other unfavorable effects that we do not observe until much time has gone by. When an innovative medication fails to make us well, there are alternative things we can do.


Six main degrees of Illness:-

To begin, we need to understand the six main degrees of illness.

Ayurvedic teachings explain the following:

Sanchaya (accumulation)

The accumulation is a direct outcome of making too many unfavorable choices. If we consume too much, tend to hook to negative substances, or let anger and frustration overpower us, among others, the initial phase of illness will begin.

Prakopa (aggravation)

If left untreated, the accumulation increases and compounds. We then start to go through aggravation.

Prasara (overflow & spread)

Pursuing aggravation, the following level is spread and overspill of damaging substances, unhealthy foods, and other dark energy start racing wild throughout the body.

Sthana Samsraya (depositing & relocating)

At this degree, therapeutic methods can be rapidly successful. However, if aid is not swiftly sought, things can go a lot riskier.

Vyakti (manifestation)

This is the stage when trouble truly takes off. The materialization period can be identified by established doctors. They will commonly seek to determine the source of the sickness. However, if the diagnosis is not fast enough, the illness will have already elevated and the curative period may take a lot longer.

Bheda (complications & damage to the organs)

Finally, if left untreated, or if treatment requires a substantial amount of time to implement, complications and injury to the organs may happen. Frequently, the sick person will start experiencing complications and having the bodily effects of the sickness.

Modernized physicians usually prescribe medications to us. While the medicine might work, there is always the possibility of negative effects. The base issues, of course, will not disappear until we ultimately modify our unhealthy habits and unfavorable lifestyle choices.

Ayurvedic treatments can be very efficient. There are dedicated specialists at Vadira Ayuromedic who will serve all people asking for treatment. The procedures include detoxification, rejuvenation, purification, and cleansing procedures to both heal as well as bring us back to our unique, peaceful, and harmonious state of being.

Individuals who are fascinated by this approach should learn about Ayurveda and everything connected with this naturopathic healing methods.


Ayurvedic Treatments:-

Ayurvedic doctors regard physical existence, mental existence and Personality as a unit, each able to influence one another .

A fundamental aspect of Ayurveda is a holistic approach during diagnosis and therapy.

Another aspect of Ayurvedic treatments states that there are channels ( Strotas ) which transports fluids and channels can be opened by massage treatment using oils and swedana ( fermentation).

Unhealthy or blocked channels are likely to cause diseases.

There are 8 ways to treat ailments:-



Nadi(Pulse )


Shabda ( speech )



Aakruti( appeareance)


Basic Tissues in Ayurveda:-

Ayurveda has 7 basic tissues called “Dhatu” in Sanskrit!

Plasma ( Rasa )

Blood ( Rakta )

Muscles ( Mamsa )

Fat (Meda)

Bone ( Asthi)

Marrow( Majja)

Semen ( Shukra )


How one can get benefits from Ayurveda Remedies?

There are four Ayurvedic treatments that may aid in killing the root cause of illnesses and ease you from it. These are called shodan, shaman, rasayana, and satvajaya.

Shodan cleanses toxins and wastes from the body. Shaman cuts back the intensity level of pain, sickness and discomfort caused by illnesses. Rasayana regenerates and repairs. Satvajaya assists the psyche and spirit to reach a greater level of being. In concert, the four treatments can improve the universal well-being of the person and allow them to again feel whole.

If you are experiencing illness, whether mentally or physically, Ayurveda can assist to cleanse all sicknesses from your body, but these holistic therapies can likewise help to restore balance and harmoniousness that is required for a healthy and happy life.

Those specializing in the artistry of Ayurveda are able to detect why your body is imbalanced. The practitioner will aid you in correcting that equilibrium by implementing various treatments. You might be given an Ayurvedic massage, dietary plan, herbal mixtures, scents, and others. Each of them will serve to restore balance and harmony while raising your overall well-being.

For the specialist in ascertaining where the imbalances are coming from, they will find your dosha type during your first meeting. Dosha pertains to things that contaminate the body. The term is Sanskrit.

There are 3 specific dosha types. While people should have all three doshas that keep up an appropriate balance, if one or more of the doshas is slightly off what it should be, an unbalance develops. This results in sickness, disease, or general malaise.

If you experience the feeling of being under the weather, sick, distress, etc, it hints that at least one of the three doshas inside of you are either more or less than what they were when you were created. These three doshas include the following: Vata, the air type; Pitta, the fire type; and Kapha, the water type.

The specialist will measure your personality type and suggest that you complete a questionnaire. The Ayurvedic practitioner will then determine how each dosha should be present in your personal specific system and how to correct them to their master state.

Once the Ayurvedic practitioner has learned of your three doshas and their alignment needs, you can then start your methods of treatment. The key intention will be to repair your doshas to what they were when you were conceived and thus, vent the pollutants from your body. For more information on Ayurvedic remedies, please visit our website www.thevadira.com now.

Treating hair loss through Ayurvedic treatments is a total successful initiative

Ayurveda, as the word stands, can in fact help in treating a number of conditions including hair loss and baldness at an early age in both men and women. Most of us may be aware of the term Ayurveda which is, in fact, associated with the traditional approach to the modern form of medicine and this form is usually found in India and Sri Lanka. I have tried to focus this article on the application of Ayurveda and how it may be helpful in treating baldness or hair loss as compared to cosmetics. None of us can, in fact, deny the fact that Ayurveda can help stop and eliminate the cause of hair loss. A number of people who suffer from hair loss may, in fact, find numerous solutions from western or modern day medicines.

There are a number of people who also like to turn their face towards not so modern type or traditional type of medicines like Ayurveda. Most of the medical professionals do argue from time to time about the achievements of the Ayurveda system of medicine. There are a number of Ayurvedic treatments that have a lot to offer when it comes to dealing with the problems related to hair treatment.

As we all are very much clear that Ayurveda is the form of medicine that is practiced mostly in India and Sri Lanka. It is also concerned as the traditional system of medicine, which is, in fact, trusted by a number of people. The system offers a complete approach to health treatments that are designed such that it helps in promoting a new and better way of life other than offering occasional treatments to people. Ayurveda system of medicine also focuses on the uniqueness and considers our mental attitude before giving a treatment. It also focuses on our lifestyle and spirit.

It follows a few principles that one should keep in mind in order to maintain a healthy and good volume of hair. The first part is that we should try to keep our scalp cool. This does mean that we have to protect it from sunrays and thus wash it with cool water very often or with lukewarm water, especially during winter seasons. One should always consider very healthy nutrition. A sound and healthy nutrition is considered as the key factor to maintain a good volume of hair and at the same time prevent hair loss.

So, it is important that one should always concentrate on a hair friendly diet. Try concentrating more on eating proteins, vitamins, iron, zinc, sulphur and fatty acids. One can also try to concentrate on their supplements. One should try to make use of your hair analysis so that you have all the right data with an aim to ascertain all of the toxicity levels. One can also ascertain all of the nutritional deficiencies in one’s body. One should try and make use of Vadira Lavender Shampoo and should in fact be applied to the scalp in the form of massage. This, in fact, would help lubricate your scalp and provide strength to your hair root. It will also help in improving blood circulation in your scalp.

Effectiveness of the ayurvedic treatment for skin care

A basic beauty strategy was previously enough to have smooth, healthy-looking skin that glowed and was dewy (but certainly not oily). Cleansing your face with simple soap and water, drinking eight glasses of water every day, removing your cosmetic foundation just before you go to bed – these and a lot more turned out to be the basis of your regimen. And yet lately you’ve discovered your purely self-disciplined system hasn’t functioned and suddenly you’re dealing with skin Outbreaks that do prevent you from looking for a company. Exactly how would an ancient curative system much like Ayurveda help?

Across today’s skin care business, the vast majority of items go with dangerous contents in ranging proportions that, over time, may offer more damage than just good to your skin. You might all of a sudden acquire skin irritation meanwhile utilizing a high-priced bottle of moisturizer. Potentially a toner you have tried for many years suddenly starts to tingle. Quite a few skin care products even contain parabens that have been connected with cancer of the breast. You could potentially begin to treat your life by means of choosing skin care products that will not make use of virtually any synthetic ingredients or unhealthy chemicals. Names that apply Ayurveda’s system of healing with their include eye creams, mudpacks, toners, moisturizers and decidedly Vadira Skin Disorder Tablet that may help you tweak the way you deal with your body.

By using three major energies-vata (wind), pitta (fire), and kapha (earth)-Ayurveda’s system renders you with the greatest state of balance to attain a desirably smooth, glowing skin. To best treat the type of skin problem that ails you, you need to recognize beforehand what kind of energy you fall under. The olden Indian healing method can furnish a mixture of herbs and natural ingredients that are designed to treat your particular skin condition. Just consider your Ayurveda-based refreshing facial cream as a unique natural skin care product.

For people with a tendency towards sleeping disorder and anxiousness, it is likely that you might have dry, cracked skin. This condition falls under the vata system, meaning you can also be on the slender side and can be adjustable through caring.

In case you have the irritable kind and endure inflammatory afflictions, it follows that you might also be struggling with acne, freckles, and pimples. This type of condition falls under the pitta system, which implies that you are a rather competitive, goal-oriented person.

If you do easily gain weight and have an inclination to be sluggish, it follows that you may also have whiteheads and pustules. Such circumstances fall under the kapha system, which signifies that you are a nurturing and methodical person.

Each energy system is utilized to invent the most effective mixture to eradicate the toxins in your skin and to give you with symmetry. It is a fundamental alternative, which offers great advantages to your skin. Needless to say, this does not signify that you are advised to just entirely depend on an organic skin care regimen. The complete idea of Ayurveda is just for a person to sustain a balance in his/her life. This suggests eating the right food, getting sufficient exercise or meditation, and appreciating life as it unfolds. Since if there is no balance in your everyday life, no amount of moisturizer or toner or eye cream can combat the assault of pollutants, stress, and ageing.

Significance of heart health supplements and dietary food supplements for your heart

When it comes to your heart and a heart health supplement, there are many different types of heat health supplements available such as:
• Health supplements for aging diabetes heart
• Heart nutrition supplements
• Circulation heart health supplements
• Northstar heart supplements
• Heart healthy herbs and supplements
• Dietary supplements for heart health

Taking the best supplements for heart health, which include herbs, minerals, and vitamins, could help you lower your chance of developing heart disease. These dietary food supplements for heart health include gingko biloba, co-enzyme Q-10, Sam-E and other botanicals. Other heart-healthy supplements, vitamins, herbs, and minerals are Vitamin C, magnesium, B-vitamins, folic acid, and green tea, which increase a person’s energy levels and help stabilize those levels throughout the day. When you buy heart-health ayurvedic supplements, they should always contain each of these nutrients in adequate quantities.

People who buy an Ayurvedic heart health supplement want the supplement to contain ingredients that deal with the principal controllable heart disease risk factors including physical inactivity, high cholesterol, stress, obesity, and high blood pressure. There are products for your heart and supplements designed by Ayurvedic researchers and nutritionists that are actually capable of reducing stress, lowering blood pressure levels, naturally lowering cholesterol while increasing a person’s daily energy level.

In today’s market, there are many natural or Ayurvedic supplements for your heart. People on prescription medications for their heart should always be very careful when selecting any herbal supplements. Interactions and problems can occur if the ayurvedic supplements and prescription medication function similarly. Studies show that people taking magnesium supplements have had definite positive benefits from this ayurvedic supplement such as fewer chest pains and improved stress test results. Other studies show that in some patients, oral magnesium supplements actually corrected heart murmurs, palpitations, and irregular heartbeats. The best herbal product for maintaining your heart health is Vadira Natural Good Heart Tablet, which is very helpful in regulating healthy heart functions.

Gingko Biloba found in Ayurvedic supplements for your heart helps dilate your blood vessels, which not only improves circulation but also protects your arterial walls. Butchers broom acts as a diuretic that promotes positive effects on your blood pressure. Green tea, used as a diuretic for weight loss, may help prevent blood clots. When buying any heart supplements, spend the extra money and buy the best quality available to achieve maximum results.

Common causes of sleeplessness

To treat a condition as complex as insomnia, the specific cause must be found. And while there may be complicating factors, that if treated, will definitely help the insomnia sufferer, if a normal sleep pattern is to be re-established, the primary cause must be determined and treated appropriately.

The person suffering from insomnia will have trouble either going to sleep or trouble remaining asleep and often times they will suffer from both complaints. There is often a cycle of awakening in the early morning hours, usually between 3 am and 4 am, and when they can sleep; their sleep is often restless and disturbed.

Insomnia typically comes and goes if it begins as a result of some dramatic life event. As the stress associated with the event subsides our sleep returns to normal.

However, it can very easily become chronic and is a much more stubborn condition to treat if complicating medical or psycho-emotional issues are involved. Research has shown that in all the cases of insomnia that have been analysed in sleep laboratories 50% have a strong depression and anxiety component with many sufferers also having understandably strong negative feelings about sleeping and their inability to sleep in general.

Apart from the psychological causative factors of insomnia, there are also a number of physiological factors that can lead to sleeping difficulties.

An environment not conducive to sleeping can be a major problem. External noise, excessive light as well as an uncomfortable temperature can all lead to restless, disturbed sleeping, that if left unchecked can very easily become a pattern that is difficult to break.

Pain will naturally enough to make sleeping difficult. If the pain is chronic and severe, as in the case of arthritis, for example, it will make sleeping the night through very difficult.

Consumption of caffeine (coffee, cola drinks, chocolate) prior to sleep, will lead to sleeping problems in individuals who cannot process and eliminate the caffeine from their body quickly enough. For these people, the smallest amount of any caffeine-containing product is enough to stimulate their systems to the point where they will be unable to get to sleep.

Alcohol can also have a strong stimulating effect on some people provoking an adrenal response in them, not unlike the fight-flight response. Certainly not a conducive state to going to sleep, or staying asleep.

Bowel and bladder problems that require regular visits to the bathroom throughout the night also can play their part in creating a pattern of disturbed sleep that can, unfortunately, become a way of life for many people. Even more so as these types of problems tend to occur as we age when we tend not to sleep as much anyway.

Restless leg syndrome, muscle cramps, depleted blood sugar that tells us its snack time at 3 in the morning, smoking that stimulates adrenal hormone secretion, the side effects of certain medications, including sleeping pills if taken for more than a week or two, all can be primary causes of insomnia.

To treat a condition as complex as insomnia Vadira Natural Sleep Tablet will work wonders. It is a natural ayurvedic tablet that will deal with the difficulty of falling asleep. Buy Vadira Natural Sleep Tablet now.

Prevent Liver Diseases, Symptoms Of Liver Diseases

The Liver

The liver is also an organ of fire, All Bhuta-Agnis( fire): Nabhasa Agni, Vayavya Agni, Tejo Agni, Apo Agni, and Parthiva Agni are all situated here. These agnis and Ranchaka pitta originating in the liver serve to break down substances into their respective elemental factors akasham(space), vayu(air), thejus( fire), ap( water), and prithvi(earth ) and distribute them to the appropriate tissues (dhatus) in the body. The liver processes nutrients from the digestive system. It also removes toxins from the body and produces a greenish-brown fluid known as bile that is required for digestion.

Liver diseases

There are a wide number of diseases that affect the liver. They range from chronic illnesses such as hepatitis and cirrhosis to acute conditions such as cancer or bile duct obstruction. Millions of Americans have both chronic and acute liver disease. Liver cancer, portal hypertension and bile duct obstruction are three of the most common liver diseases.

Fatty Liver Disease

This disease occurs when fat droplets build-up in the liver and it becomes fatty. Poor diet and alcohol abuse are the main cause of this condition, which can negatively impact the livers performance.


It does not matter if it’s a disease of the liver or gall bladder affection, jaundice is the main symptom. If one notices that his skin colour is turning yellow, then he/she can almost be sure he has an issue with his gall bladder or liver. The eyes also get a yellow color, instead of the characteristic white. Jaundice appears because the old blood is not filtered out correctly. If jaundice appears with flu-like symptoms together then a medical control is required because it may be a result of hepatitis or serious damage taken by the gall bladder.


Cirrhosis of the liver is a slow processing disease. The healthy liver tissue is taken over by scar tissue and then prevents the liver from functioning normally. The flow of blood is blocked when too much scar tissue is formed. Hepatitis C, fatty liver disease, and alcohol abuse are the most common causes of liver cirrhosis. Fatty liver disease is caused mostly by obesity and diabetes. A lot of people that are heavy drinkers do harm their livers in some way but not everyone will get cirrhosis.

Effects of taking dandelion

Start consuming Dandelion (that plant that probably grows all around your home). The leaves of the Dandelion plant can be picked, washed, and mixed in with your salads. But you can also find Dandelion tinctures or other forms of Dandelion extracts at your local health food store. Dandelion is extremely useful for the health of the liver and related organs and glands. (Note that a poorly functioning liver will only bring DOWN the function of other organs and glands). It has been used to successfully treat liver diseases such as hepatitis and liver insufficiency.

Alternative Remedy
You can also start consuming Vadira Liver Tablets to deal with various liver disorders successfully. Vadira Liver Tablets are reputed to have brought happiness in most people’s lives. Buy it from our online store Vadira Ayuromedic.

Great reasons stressing on why arthritis patients should exercise

Have you noticed that the typical arthritis patient cringes even at the imagination of doing exercises? Or, do they jump up and even say when do we start? Would you learn that data from a national survey revealed that 37% of people with arthritis get no exercise despite the potential benefits?

Exercise Is always Beneficial for Arthritis Patients

Just about one and all realize exercise is beneficial even if they don’t take part in regular exercise. Some people even fear that exercise will cause arthritis flares for as well as increase joint pain and joint stiffness. The opposite is true. Proper exercise helps to decrease joint pain and stiffness.

Reasons Stressing Why Exercise Is Important

Let’s review for one moment why exercise is so significant for arthritis patients. Exercise can:

* strengthen the body muscles that surround your joints
* maintain and improve bone strength
* improve body strength and energy
* help you to achieve good sleep
* help with weight management
* improve your mood and confidence overall well-being

Get Advice

You should consult your doctor or physical therapist to decide what type of exercise is most beneficial for you. For example, a range-of-motion exercise helps you to move your joints through their full range of motion. Strengthening exercises always build muscles. Aerobic exercises build endurance.

If regular exercise just is not your thing then become interested in a physical activity that you will do religiously. Consider those activities like walking, bicycling, swimming, tai chi, and yoga — to name a few. Move beyond any fear you may have that exercise or regular physical activity will further make your arthritis worse. What you really should fear is — INACTIVITY.

Vadira Joint Care for Arthritis

Vadira Joint Care capsules are the unmatched medications for arthritis, as they deal with pain and inflammation naturally without posing any side effects. The herbal ingredients of the capsule are a great way to ensure healthy joint and turn around circulatory performance. This herbal composition also largely supports healthy cartilage and joint strength. Vadira Joint Care capsules give speedy and long-lasting relief from arthritis, joint pain, inflexibility and inflammation

Treating eczema by natural remedies

Many people are starting to take note of more natural alternatives to the drug store offerings to help them relieve symptoms of conditions such as eczema and are finding good results! An eczema herbal remedy is a way you can relieve the itching and swelling and fight infections without using artificial products which can cause side effects.

These are not a cure for eczema by themselves but they are an excellent start to being free of eczema forever. This is a list of good herbal solutions and what they can do for you.

Eczema Herbal Remedy List:

• Aloe Gel – Made from Aloe Vera this gel helps to relieve inflammation. Lab-made creams and gels often contain steroids to do the same thing, which can have bad side effects so this is a good natural alternative.
• Burdock Root – This root is known to lessen the destruction of skins cells and generally promote skin health.
• Calendula Cream – A powerful soothing agent for inflamed red skin.
• Chamomile – Good for lessening the itching sensation of eczema.
• Chickweed – Can be used as a poultice to soot the itching skin
• Oregon Grape Root – While it has anti-inflammatory properties this is also known to remove toxins from the body that might be causing flare-ups.
• Marshmallow Root – A protective cream that can also prevent infection on the skin that might have been torn from scratching.
• Oatstraw – Good for the skin, can be added to a bath too. Regular oatmeal can also do this.
• Rosemary – Know to help with circulation when added to bathwater.
• Witch Hazel – Used in cream to stop swelling and inflammation

A combination of just a few of these herbal remedies for eczema will help against the immediate symptoms of eczema. However to further help against the recurrence of eczema you need to take Vadira Skin Disorder Tablet, which is a natural remedy fundamentally manufactured to put an end to specific skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and other skin allergies. The basic priority of any Ayurvedic treatment is the purification of blood. Also, detoxification of your body works more effectively in dealing with a variety of skin allergies. Also, to overcome the effects of psoriasis, eczema and other related skin disorders all the way, the patient also needs to make certain essential changes in his/her diet.

Vadira Ayuromedic—The hub of all ayurvedic products for your general health

We at Vadira Ayuromedic guess that you are making efforts to turn up a natural alternative to prescription medicines and their side effects or an herbal solution to set off them, or perhaps you are confused about what you should be taking.

Rest assured that we at Vadira Ayuromedic will help you resolve your problem!

With a broad range of natural remedies and treatments available in the market for a long time, we guess that it can sometimes be challenging for you as if which ayurvedic product or treatment to choose for dealing with your body disorder. We are also well aware since there is no consistency in the herbal industry, there is no guarantee as to the reliability, security or effectiveness of the herbal remedies you purchase.

With this in mind, we searched long and hard to find a range of specially formulated, complex natural remedies in therapeutic dosages that guaranteed to bring you relief!

Five Good Reasons to choose Vadira Ayuromedic:

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• We assess our performance towards these goals and track our progress towards these only.

• We ensure well being of each and every person associated with us no matter whether he/she is a patient, Doctor, Nurse or any other staff member. We aim to provide improved health care services in a safe and considerate environment to our patients based on their needs.

Here are our few best-selling products to deal with your general health disorders:

1. Vadira Natural Sleep Tablet

Vadira Natural Sleep Tablet is a proven Vadira Auromedic’s product to help insomniacs get rid of the problem of sleeplessness. Prepared using multiple natural herbs, Vadira Natural Sleep Tablet offers a vast range of health benefits, for example, cutting down stress, fatigue and laziness in the body spectacularly.

2. Vadira Cough Syrup

Vadira Cough Syrup includes all essential properties to deal with cough and other bad things effectively such as running nose, sore throat and cold that accompany with this condition.

3. Vadira Appetizer Syrup

Vadira Appetizer syrup is a tonic that is acknowledged for improving our digestive system. It works very greatly in increasing our appetite progressively without posing any side effects on our overall health.

4.Vadira Blood Purify Syrup

Vadira Blood Purify Syrup is an antidote that fights vigorously with a variety of skin disorders such as impurities in the Blood, Skin Eruptions, Pimples, Boils, Itching, Chronic & Acute Constipation, etc. Buying it will certainly help you a lot.

5. Vadira Brain Tonic

Vadira Brain Tonic is another A-one ayurvedic product by Vadira to enhance memory that works and enable our brain to work perfectly. That is to say, Vadira Brain Tonic is very helpful for one in remembering all the regular events of his/her life on a long-term basis and prevents him/her from not experiencing any depression or any other brain-related disorders.

6. Vadira Antacid Syrup

Vadira Antacid Syrup exceptionally puts an end to different sporadic stomach problems experienced by people who typically swallow food without chewing it in a regular way. This ayurvedic product also expels digestive gas out of the body effectively.

7. Vadira Ayurvedic Liver Tonic

Vadira Ayurvedic Liver Tonic is an herbal product designed to maintain the health of the liver with no side effects at all. This product is prepared using authenticated and natural. This product has been found very effective in dealing with a range of liver disorders like swelling of liver, jaundice and infection in the liver high cholesterol levels, constipation, skin diseases and digestion related issues etc.

8. Vadira Liver Tablets

Vadira Liver Tablets that is completely ayurvedic and is on a brisk sale in the online market. It is a proven remedy to deal with all types of liver diseases and maintain the proper health of this critical body organ.

9.Vadira Antiviral Tablet

This product, like other products we sell, is 100% ayurvedic and is one of the most common antiviral and anti-bacterial ayurvedic tablets that are used in Ayurvedic treatments. Vadira Antiviral Tablet is also a great remedy for treating dengue, which is a life-threatening disease.

10. Vadira Skin Disorder Tablet

Vadira Skin Disorder Tablet is a natural herbal remedy, which is fundamentally designed to put an end to specific skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and other skin allergies.

11. Vadira Cold Tablets

Vadira Cold Tablets are made from completely natural ayurvedic herbs that work altogether effectively to combat cough, cold, voice hoarseness, respiratory tract infections, etc.

12. Vadira Natural Good Heart

Vadira Natural Good Heart Tablet is very helpful in regulating healthy heart functions. Also, consuming this herbal heart medicine does not produce any side effects such as Lipitor, atorvastatin, and others) blood thinners (aspirin or warfarin), Diuretics (Lasix, dytor and others) Digoxin (Lanoxin and others), Coronary Dilators (Angised and other nitrates).

13. Vadira Multi-Vitamin Multiminerals

Vadira Multi-Vitamin Multiminerals is a combination of rare herbs that spectacularly enhance energy level, resistance power, strength, and stamina to help them focus on and carry out regular activities in an improved fashion.

14. Vadira Antipyretic Tablets

Vadira antipyretic tablets work very effectively in overcoming all types of fever in general. And it is very easy for you to find a number of ayurvedic antipyretic tablets in the market, Vadira antipyretic tablets are synonymous with unmatched popularity on account of its superb power to control fevers.

15. Vadira Uric Acid Tablets

Vadira Uric Acid Tablets are the time-tested ayurvedic capsules manufactured by the branded ayurvedic company Vadira to help people suffering from arthritis gout pain.

16. Vadira Brain Tablets

Vadira Brain Tablets are also the thing for aged people who lack good memory or tend to forget things frequently. This product by our company Vadira plays a seminal role in maintaining attentiveness and tranquility of mind.

17. Vadira Joint Care

Vadira Joint Care capsules are the unmatched medications for arthritis, as they deal with pain and inflammation naturally without posing any side effects. This herbal composition also largely supports healthy cartilage and joint strength. Vadira Joint Care capsules give speedy and long-lasting relief from arthritis, joint pain, inflexibility and inflammation.

18. Vadira Blood Purify Tablet

Vadira Blood Purify Tablet, on the whole, supports the elimination of toxins from a body, maximizes energy levels and stamina as well as boost immune system and liver functioning. This ayurvedic blood purifier alongside prevents and treats skin disorders and makes skin appear healthy and radiant.

19. Vadira Walnut Face Scrub

Vadira Walnut Face Scrub is a perfect herbal product to ensure soft and smooth skin that also glows and hydrates it. Vadira Walnut Face Scrub is made of a variety of wonderful herbal ingredients that pose no side effects on skin or anywhere in the body.

20. Vadira Aloe Vera and Neem Face Wash

Vadira Aloe Vera and Neem Face Wash is a world-class remedy for skin care since it is easy-going and tender in use. It very well cleanses the skin from within, cleaning out the pores and removing all types of dirt and filth, but lets the skin remain moisturized, unlike other soap-based cleansing products.

21. Vadira Laxative Syrup

Vadira Laxative Syrup is an ayurvedic formulation that is made from very effective natural herbs. This syrup is very instrumental in resolving problems about bowel movement or chronic constipation.

22. Vadira Herbal Hair Growth Shampoo

Vadira Herbal Hair Growth Shampoo is very useful in perfecting the shining and health of hair. The highlight of these herbs is that they work wonderfully in keeping hair loss from happening as well as increasing new hair growth.

23. Vadira Moisturizer

Vadira Moisturizer ensures softness to dry and dried out skin. As you n of Vadira Moisturizer, you get soft, supple, and healthy skin.

24. Vadira Lavender Shampoo

Vadira Lavender Shampoo is an effective herbal shampoo that addresses all hair problems successfully. It beefs up hair follicles and stops hair fall. This unmatched shampoo also contributes greatly to developing healthy hair.

25. Vadira Liver Tonic Junior

Vadira Liver Tonic Junior is a potent medicine that very well deals with diverse liver disorders such as defective digestion, loss of appetite, jaundice, constipation, etc.

26. Vadira Apple Mulberry Facewash

Vadira Apple Mulberry Facewash is an unmatched product because it is mild and gentle and is the ticket for the face at the same time. The product efficaciously cleanses the skin from within, cleans from within the pores and removes all dirt and filth. Interestingly, the product does not dry out the skin like other soap-based cleansing agents.

27. Vadira Laxative Tablet

Vadira Laxative Tablet is a completely ayurvedic product that is prepared with the combination of proven natural herbs. This herbal formulation is basically useful for people going through intestinal disorders such as lax bowel movement or chronic constipation.

28. Vadira Natural Sugar Care Tablet

Vadira Natural Sugar Care Tablet is the mixture of several effective ayurvedic herbs that dramatically help in bringing down the blood sugar levels without causing any side effects to a diabetic body.

29. Vadira kneepain ointment

Vadira kneepain ointment that is a singular formulation of wonderful amazing herbs that give relief from joint pain rapidly Vadira kneepaint ointment helps one in giving relief from knee pains and arthritis. Its application is completely safe and poses no side effects on the skin.

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