Open letter to Ayurvedic Doctors from Vadira Ayuromedic:-

Dear Doctor

This Letter Describes about Vadira Ayuromedic as well as about Ayurveda and Why should you Join our journey .Ayurveda and its contribution to the wellbeing of mankind need no mention. It affixed itself with the psyche of Indian culture and lifestyle.As you are cognizant of, with Ayurveda it was possible to achieve the impossible by natural ways of treatment through herbs, plants and breathing techniques. Ayurveda is known to be wholeheartedly connected with the exceptional tradition and cultures of India. Vadira Ayuromedic explores every single aspect of the life by going deeply under the roots of the problem and resolves it with the detailed knowledge concerning the issue. It describes the facts about the diseases, diagnosis, treatments and medicines required for maintaining healthy lifestyle. As compared to the other available treatment mechanisms, wide majority of people yet desires to get treated using Ayurvedic medicines due to exceptional diagnosis strategies.Modernization made us put all the benefits into oblivion and assimilate the western tradition without taking into consideration the harmful side effects of modern medicine

The mission of Vadira Ayuromedic :-

We at Vadira Ayuromedic strives to take people out of this misconception and move them forward to a new world of light and knowledge. Vadira Ayuromedic aim to make you aware about our versatile range of services in the good will of the masses.Vadira aims to transform this world into one full of vibrant energy.Vadira stands as a witness to the transforming world because of our Ayurvedic medicines being accepted not only in the Indian market but also in the world markets of the USA, Europe, and South East Asia.In this noble journey of ours, we took time to educate people on the magical benefits of following an Ayurvedic lifestyle through seminars.

Ayurvedic medicines must be preferred to get chosen by the patients. However, awareness is desired for which the expert advice is needed to get circulated among the majority of people. Merely one of your suggestions will count a lot towards encouraging the patients to go for Ayurvedic medicines and live a long life without any issues.


Doctors are considered as the second form God on earth. The dedicated trust of the patients upon their doctors should also be maintained all across the world. However, the initiative is desired to get taken by one of the god figures like you. Our acceptation is to make the visiting patients aware about the mission of service initiated by us to make them healthier and happier. One of your valuable feedbacks will make the patient’s life safe, secured and long lasting. Vadira Ayuromedic is dedicated to provide the best natural treatments using the quality assured Ayurvedic medicines and make a grand come back of the patients towards our Indian culture and tradition.

We expect your valuable recommendation towards making your patients aware about our Vadira Ayuromedic with reference to the following list of reasons:-

  • VADIRA AYUROMEDIC has dedicated years of expertise in making quality tested and assured Ayurvedic medicines for the well being of the patient.
  • Our medicines have gained a worldwide recognition in the shortest period of time. Due to the consistent rise in demands, we are proud to export our medicines I the countries like USA, Europe and South Africa.
  • We are not only confined to globalize our medicines and expand our business. Instead we are here to train, educate and serve the masses with live demonstration as well.
  • People have been reportedly treated free of cost in the camps organized in the Indian cities like Rishikesh and Haridwar.
  • Our motto towards the good will and long life of the people have helped us grow globally and gain consistent positive feedback via various online and offline mediums.
  • Our mouth to mouth publicity have trended a lot valuing our authentic range of Ayurvedic medicines.
  • Every single day, wide majority of people love to search for the Ayurvedic doctors on our portal and get specialized medicines and treatments.




And the most interesting turn of this journey is that you are going to accompany us.

Yes, without your service as a representative of the medical world, we have nothing to venture out with.

So we cordially invite you to enrich this world with your medical assistance. We will remain highly indebted to your noble service.


In the world of reinventing everything, Ayurveda rocks the medical arena, courtesy to a new-found consciousness among people.

Vadira read that pulse and created a single platform for Ayurvedic treatments and medicines.

Astonishing it is, thousands of visitors look for doctors on

Not over a month. Not over a week. Every day.

Every day thousands of visitors receive specialized treatments and medicines at Vadira.

We are overflowing with more requests. We are bound to be all ears to their cry for medical relief.

At the same time, we found it’s a great opportunity for you to serve larger people. What do you think?

You moving beyond the boundary of your location! You getting global patients with their unique problems! Isn’t it a call for your growth?

Can you imagine how many patients will need your help? If not, please try hard because the world needs your helping hands. Can you deny that?

Can you deny how medical science fails to achieve nothing more than pain reduction in its more than a hundred years of history?

And Ayurveda and only Ayurveda can bring people out of this dolorous state.

We believe you can hardly deny any of these.

But you are not alone. You serve the world, we serve you.


Soon after joining the community, the doctors will get following sets of best benefits:-

  • World class exposure among the associated patients with globalized recognition.
  • Availability of wide majority of patients from all around the world.
  • Availability of well designed and personalized web page for your business.
  • Readymade community available for you to keep yourself growing with other leading Ayurvedic doctors all around the world.
  • Instant online and offline connectivity with patients and resolving their queries.
  • Boosting up the income and being a leading influencer in the global sky of our Ayurveda community.
  • Most importantly, everything is free to join and proceed accordingly.

With respect to the above sets of facts, please feel free to call us back 18004199740 and mail us at [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

Vadira Ayurvedic Pvt Ltd.