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Charcoal Cream With Charcoal Moisturizer (100ML) COMBO

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If you regularly deal with dullness, uneven texture, enlarged pores & oiliness, then here your search ended with Vadira Charcoal Cream. The combo also includes VADIRA Charcoal Moisturizer Which is a skin repair moisturizer by nature that helps to pull out impurities and toxins from the skin while gently nourishing it.



Charcoal Cream benefits:- vadira charcoal face cream targets acne & other impurities thereby leaving the skin appearing visibly brighter & smoother. Added Anti-ageing & Anti-acne Elements which makes it help bring your skin young & full of joy. Activated charcoal & natural extract gives your skin an amazing glow. it also improves the skin’s elasticity & makes it appear clean & nourished.

Charcoal Moisturizer Benefits:- It helps to minimize open skin pores, purifies skin, and vacuums out the dead cells for a smoother and glowing complexion. It is filled with the goodness of Charcoal Powder– that treats acne, removes excess oil, soothes skin irritation, and deeply purifies.


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