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Charcoal Serum With Diamond Serum (50ML) COMBO

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Vadira CHARCOAl SERUM helps to balance the skin PH, keeping the acid mantle firm which acts as a skin barrier by blocking all the germs and toxins from harming it. The combo also includes Diamond serum Which is Glow like a Diamond with the magic of  Ayurveda’s facial serum. Vadira Diamond serum can work serious magic, targeting your top skincare concerns and leave your skin ageless and glowing.



Charcoal Serum Benefits:-

  • Restore healthy & blemish-free skin
  • Maintains elasticity of the skin
  • Absorbs excess oil & dirt
  • Strengthens epidermal

Diamond Serum Benefits:- 

Vadira Serum is an excellent brightening serum that contains “vajra bhasma, Tulsi Panchang, Nimbu, Neem, Mulethi and Imli that gives skin nourishment and glows face. Vadira serum is 100% organic blend & rich in antioxidant which sinks deep into pores & addresses your specific skin concern.


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