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Papaya Serum With Papaya Moisturizer (100ML) COMBO

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Enhance the glow of your charm with VADIRA de-pigmentation PAPAYA Serum. The combo also includes Vadira De-Pigmentation Papaya moisturizer, a non-greasy all-purpose moisturizing lotion made from papaya and other valuable extracts that protects the skin from external irritants leaving it soft, smooth, and supple.



Papaya Serum Benefits:- PAPAYA a fruit with very benefitting vitamins and enzymes that just recreate your beauty. It exfoliates and cleanses your skin deep, detoxifies your skin of blemishes, and accelerates the healing process.

De-Pigmentation Papaya Moisturizer Benefits:-

  • Enriched with natural vitamins.
  • Healing and protecting facial and body skin.
  • Radiant and revitalized skin every day.


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