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Vadira Pure Rose Flower (100gm) Soap

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Rose is one of the major famous flowers around the world because of its beauty, fragrance, and not easy to found everywhere in the world. Rose is very popular and outstanding, that’s why it is often called “Queen of Flowers”. Well, we all know it contains a lot of benefits in the world for people and as deserves to be named Queen of Flowers. So there are lots of skin problems that occur like acne, color-related issues, dry skin, nourish, and moisturize problems. So for a good and healthy face, “Vadira Ayuromedic” provides a “Vadira Pure Rose Flower Soap” at very beneficial for skin and very affordable to buy.



Rose Oil:- Rose oil is one of the most famous essential oil. The essential oil of rose is well-known to the human and it is very good for anti-depression and aromatherapy. The fragrance of rose is mainly used for aromatherapy which can be most useful for increasing good mood. It also usually helps to strengthen blood circulation.

Benefits of Vadira Pure Rose Flower Soap 

  • Plant essential oils of Rose Flower Soap balance the body and mind, for the emotional, physical, and mental health, with an ideal role.
  • Rose Flower Soap is made fromrich bactericidal ingredients, dissolve completely, rapid, rich foam, delicate texture, no fiber and helps to effectively clean the hands of bacteria.
  • This Rose Flower Soapis very fragrant, even it makes the bathroom full with fragrances of roses.
  • Rose enrichFlower Soap is very helpful to remove acne from the face. It’s quite soapy which is good, considering that we have hard water.
  • Rose flower soap contains healer properties. It has one efficacious medicinal ingredient which also is used in combination with other herbs to soothe the mind. Apart from it, the rose has several advantages such as It is very good to balance the level of greasy on the skin to makeup mask and fortify dry skin on the face.


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