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Vadira Antacid Syrup

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Vadira Antacid Syrup:- Antacid syrup is effective for acidity in the stomach and its related problems its herbal extracts are effective for hyperacidity, dyspepsia, heartburning and flatulence, prevents ulcer formation

Trikatu:- Helps to rekindle Agni, the digestive fire and supports digestion and boost metabolism

Shankha bhasma:- Shankh Bhasma is a good acid neutralizer, which helps in reducing hyperacidity.

Pudina:- Pudina helps lower the acid content of the stomach and improves digestion




Vadira Antacid Syrup is a proprietary herbal product of Vadira; the product is on a brisk sale online because of the various digestive health benefits viz. hyperacidity, dyspepsia, heartburning, flatulence, prevention of ulcer formation etc. The product is a combination of different herbal ingredients, for example, Trikatu, Shankh Bhasma, and Pudina. Vadira Best Ayurvedic  Syrup very well deals with the sporadic stomach problems experienced by people who typically swallow food without chewing properly. This ayurvedic product is also very instrumental in throwing digestive gas out of the body.


As already mentioned above, Vadira Antacid Syrup is the combination of wonderful ingredients such as Trikatu, Shankh Bhasma, and Pudina. Let us delve into the effectiveness of these ingredients in brief as follows:

Trikatu: Helps to restore Agni as well as the digestive fire and backs up digestion and enhances metabolism.

Shankha bhasma: Shankh Bhasma is an excellent acid neutralizer, which helps in cutting down hyperacidity mightily.

Pudina: Pudina alleviates the level of acid contents of the stomach and boosts digestion.

The various individual ingredients of Vadira Antacid Syrup act synergistically to back up the gastrointestinal function via the amalgamation of the mechanism. It is also attaining great prominence for dealing with flatulence and bloating. The product is again a great remedy for soothing upset stomach and sporadic heartburn and acidity.

How Vadira Antacid Syrup Works?

Vadira Antacid Syrup improves digestion process very well and ensures the perfect digestive health of a person. After all, it is prepared to correct bad digestion. As we are aware of indigestion, bleaching, bloating and heartburn are the handful signs of bad digestion. Some key reasons for bad digestion include our bad eating habits and consumption of too much and non-nutritional food frequently or on a regular basis. Bad digestion is very likely to cause laziness and bloating in people. Vadira Syrup is just the ticket in such cases.

Vadira Ayurvedic antacid syrup for child acts as a first-rate herbal remedy to deal with constipation. In addition to this, it fights against critical digestion-related diseases such as dyspepsia and associated disorders i.e. flatulence, abdominal distension, heartburning and belching.


It is good to get in touch with a professional ayurvedic doctor regarding the dosage of the Ayurvedic antacid syrup for child since different conditions have different dosages:


  • Vadira Antacid Syrup is helpful in the treatment of heartburn.
  • It has delivered very good results in dealing with hyperacidity.
  • It is also very instrumental in gaseousness.
  • It is a miraculous remedy in addressing flatulence, abdominal distension and belching.
  • It improves bowel movements.
  • It gives fast relief from any type of discomfort in the post-operative period and during long-drawn-out immobilization.

Side Effects:-

Vadira Antacid Syrup is not known to pose any side effects if taken according to the prescribed dosage.


Vadira Best Ayurvedic Syrup is a safe ayurvedic product to deal with all types of digestion-related problems in our body. Among all the herbal blood-purifying products available in the market, Vadira Blood Purify Syrup is at the height of popularity and demand online. So feel free to buy Vadira Antacid Syrup without a second thought.


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