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Vadira Cough Syrup

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The ayurvedic cough syrup has beneficial values for cough, sore throat, cold, bronchitis, influenza, and asthma for all age group and works as an anticold when mixed with lukewarm water.

Tulsi:- Potent antihistaminic properties protect against pollen induced brochospasms.

Mulethi:- Antitussive, expectorant, and immune enhancing properties



Vadira Cough Syrup

One of the best-selling herbal products:- Coughing is a common body ailment that pesters persons of all ages in almost every season, particularly during winters. To deal with it, there are several different medicines are available in the market. One of the revolutionary anti-cough products that have produced in people a sensation is Vadira Cough Syrup. Vadira Cough Syrup is one of the best-selling herbal products in the market because of its amazing properties to deal with cough and other bad things such as running nose, sore throat, and cold that accompany with this condition effectively.

Vadira Cough Syrup is Completely Natural

Vadira is an up-and-coming ayurvedic brand that manufactures sumptuous cough syrups with the help of a variety of amazing ingredients viz. tulsi, mulethi, and kalimirch. Vadira cough syrup is, therefore, a complete natural cough syrup, which is completely safe for people of all age groups to consume. A number of cough syrup companies use artificial ingredients, and color to improve its flavor and effectiveness. However, in the case of Vadira Syrup, it is very different from other common cough medicines. Moreover, being a natural product, the product is completely safe for consumption.

Taste is Balanced

The taste of Vadira Ayurvedic Syrup is so good that you will not hesitate to consume it twice. In fact, the company has used natural honey in the syrup to give a sweet taste. Particularly for children, the taste is very good and balanced, so they will like it very much. With that said, parents will not have a hard time when it involves making efforts to give this cough syrup to their children. To be precise, children will readily consume the medicine without making any faces or producing any noises.

Availability in Different Flavors

Vadira cough syrup comes in a standard bottle with a variety of natural flavors to suit the preferences of people of different age groups. Depending on your preferences for a flavor, you can buy a bottle of this Ayurvedic syrup and put an end to your coughing problem once and for all.

When it comes to its advantages, they are definitely many and are as follows:

  • The cough medicine is an elixir not only in cutting down the coughing problem but also it works dramatically in alleviating the sore throat to the full satisfaction of the patient.
  • The syrup provides a great immune boost with its singular immune boosting formulation.
  • This medicine deals very well with cold, bronchitis, influenza and asthma and is just the ticket for people of all age groups.
  • It works as an anticold when mixed with lukewarm water.

Let us take a brief look at the ingredient used in preparing Vadira Cough Syrup:

Tulsi:-  Tulsi is a natural herb which features antihistaminic properties and effectively protects against pollen-induced bronchospasms.

Mulethi:- It has great cough expectorant and immune-enhancing lineaments.

Kalimirch:-  works very well in addressing a variety of respiratory disorders such as common cough bronchitis and asthma.

So what is the wait for? Buy Vadira Cough Syrup now if you are irritated with coughing and other associated problems and want to put an end to all of them once and for all.

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