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Vadira Laxative Syrup

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Vadira Laxative Syrup is an ayurvedic formulation that is made from very effective natural herbs. This syrup is very instrumental in resolving problems about bowel movement or chronic constipation.



Vadira Laxative Syrup

Vadira Laxative Syrup is a syrup that is concocted out of nine very effective natural herbs. This product is 100% ayurvedic and is purposefully manufactured for people with problems in the bowel movement or chronic constipation. For its guaranteed results, it is appreciated by users who are really finding it very helpful in putting an end to their constipation or bowel movements. All the herbs included in preparing this syrup as per Ayurveda help in getting rid of pitta from the body whilst facilitating free movement of the Vata inside the body. It also helps to stimulate the liver for the perfect secretion of enzymes.


Senna is a natural herb that treats constipation temporarily. It is also instrumental in making bowel movements before surgery and specific medical procedures. Senna has the property of stimulant laxatives. It enhances the mechanism of the intestines to produce a bowel movement.

Triphala: Triphala is a great herb that helps very effectively in patients going through gastrointestinal disorders; Triphala also helps one in getting rid of chronic constipation, abdominal pain, and flatulence. It also coordinates the occurrence and uniformity of bowel movements.

Imli: Tamarind or imli is very beneficial for your digestive system for two key reasons. For beginners, it is a superior laxative, which directs to the fact that it enhances bowel movements and excretion. Also, it has high-dietary fiber content, which helps build up the stool, facilitating for it to move around. Therefore, your digestive system is kept clean.

Amaltash: It is a natural herb that is believed to cure constipation associated with Pitta disproportion. It also plays a great role in dealing with problems related to indigestion like flatulence, belching, loss of appetite, feeling of completeness, etc.

Mamijava: Mamijava is useful in overcoming all types of intestinal disorders and getting rid of abdominal pain.

Erand: For people suffering from regular or chronic constipation, errand or castor seeds are a cheap, natural cure, to relieve from the disorder.

Indrayan: For a lot of years, indrayan has been in use to treat constipation.

Fennel is another natural herb, which performs its role by improving digestion. It is an effective ingredient in “gripe water”, which cures colic, gas and constipation in newborn babies. Fennel tea and fennel seeds are used as laxatives for adults.

Nagarmotha: It has given relief from a range of digestive woes including diarrhea and constipation.


  • It is a natural herbal remedy that cures constipation
  • It helps to cut down indigestion.
  • It raises bile acid secretion, which supports digestion.
  • It contains laxative properties.
  • It helps to stimulate the liver for the accurate secretion of enzymes.
  • It cures colic, gas, and constipation in newborn babies
  • It deals with abdominal pain
  • It helps to deal with belching, loss of appetite, feeling of completeness


5ml-10ml two or three times a day or as directed by your physician.

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