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Vadira Pure Aloevera & Neem (100gm) Soap

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The product of “Vadira Beauty Soap-Cleansing & Moisturizing” of the company “Vadira Ayuromedic” is made of neem and pure aloe-vera. In the world of Ayurveda, there are lots of ingredients that are helping to healthier the human body skin, every ingredient has a different work. The most ingredients in Ayurveda are maximum use such as neem, aloe-vera, tulsi, and many more. In the Ayurveda neem is one of the most cooling and effective herbs which is used for the face to the cleansing purpose. The next one is aloe-vera also play a vital role for the face skin and it complies with neem to create a fruitful cleansing and moisturizing soap which is used in everyday purpose. The “Vadira Soap” provides a very gentle exfoliation to face skin.



The human body is structured in various types of biological tissues, nerve, bone, and unstudied organs. Every part of the body needs special and healthy treatment. The face of the body is the most important part because it is considered the starting part to communicate with someone. So there are lots of problems that occur like acne, color-related issues, dry skin, nourish and moisturize problems. So for the good and healthy face, “Vadira Ayuromedic” provides a “Vadira Beauty Soap-Cleansing & Moisturizing” at very healthier for skin and at a very reasonable price. Every soap and any moisturizing product have the most important works on these problems like:-

Cleansing:- it plays a vital role in the dead skin. It removes dead skin from the face and stimulates to generate new skin cells on the face surface.

Moisturizing:- the work of the moisturizer to reach the roots and a deeper level of the skin surface and clean it.

Nourishing:- the work of the nourish is to provide the antioxidants and refresh or fix the dry and dead skin.


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